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Stanley H2.0 Toppers

Stanley H2.0 Toppers

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Stanley H2.0 Tumbler Size

Please note these custom tumblers are sized for the St@n!€¥ H2.0. We are not responsible if you do not know what type of cup you have. Look at the pics and see if the top of your lid looks like the example.

‼️Specialty Themed Toppers‼️

Are Toppers in the photos above silo at to the lips, baseball themed, heart etc. They are toppers with an additional layer.

These do NOT stick to the lid, they are meant to rest on the lid and are secured by the straw. There will be a bit of wiggle room. These can also work on dupes, but the fit varies.

These are made from custom acrylic.

The longer the name, the smaller the letters will be.

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